A Farewell to Lactose?

My admittedly minimal knowledge of lactose tolerance testing was thrown into sharp relief this afternoon. A number of years ago I had been told that the process consisted of drinking a glass of lactose and then waiting to see if, to put it delicately, you then shat yourself. Now whether this previously was the standard practice or whether whoever told me this was having a laugh, it turns out the current procedure isn’t quite as barbaric.

While you do have to drink a glass of something (presumably a sort of lactose mixture? In hindsight I really should have asked before quaffing it), the actual test involves drawing blood on 4 separate occasions over a 2 hour period. Which is to say if you’re lined up for one, remember to bring a book for the wait, and be prepared to look like a junkie coming off the lash when you leave.

Anyways, fingers crossed I’m not actually lactose intolerant.


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