A Moderately Stunning Reversal

After the better part of a year of preparation, this past week marks the official beginning of my schooling as a nurse, and the end of my career as a computer programmer. While the program is by all accounts very exacting, for the first time in a long time I genuinely feel that I’m on the right path. Things are looking up!

As it happens, I had previously tried to transfer into the nursing program during my undergraduate degree several years ago, but events conspired to thwart my attempt. After taking almost all of the prerequisite courses for the transfer program, I was told that the minimum GPA to even be considered for the transfer route was 3.85. Now despite busting my ass to do well in these prerequisites, a few sub-par grades in a prior semester resulted in my overall GPA falling short by a full grade point. Needless to say I was disheartened and, because I was young and foolish, didn’t bother sending in an official application for the nursing program, presumably to save myself the “certain” disappointment.

The immense folly of this was brought to my attention last summer however, when I was applying for the program I’m currently in. I was chatting with the undergraduate nursing advisor about something or other to do with the application, and I told my little story about trying to get in via the transfer route before. When I finished regaling her she had quite a pained look on her face, and while I know my delivery skills were by no means perfect, I never imagined they were that bad. Fortunately for my future as a teller of anecdotes, the cause of her discomfort was the fact that for the past several years, the admissions office had been erroneously advising potential applicants that the minimum required GPA was 3.85, when in fact it was nowhere near as high. Had I decided to just apply, I probably would have made it into the program all those years ago.

As much as I had a good laugh about it at the time, knowing that I more or less let this opportunity slip past me, and being keenly aware that I haven’t achieved as much as I’d hoped to by this stage in my life, I’ll admit to a few pangs of disappointment now and again. But here’s the thing, despite wanting go into nursing before, I can’t for the life of me remember the reasons behind that desire, apart from not wanting to continue with computer science. I now have clear and definite reasons for pursuing nursing, and the certainty (as much as one can be certain about anything) that it will be a good fit for me. Had I made it into nursing back then, I’m not sure my younger self would have been as well suited to it as I believe myself to be now. Things appear to have worked out as well as could be reasonably hoped for.

Digressions aside, after 24 continuous months I will have completed a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and the NCLEX won’t be far behind. Here’s to unceasing forward motion!



It’s incredible how every so often you’ll come across a poem, whole or in part, that has the power to stop you dead in your tracks. Leonard Cohen really knew what he was on about.


Loving you, flesh to flesh, I often thought
Of travelling penniless to some mud throne
Where a master might instruct me how to plot
My life away from pain, to love alone
In the bruiseless embrace of stone and lake,

Lost in the fields of your hair I was never lost
Enough to find a way I had to take;
Breathless beside your body I could not exhaust
The will that forbid me contract, vow,
Or promise, and often while you slept
I looked in awe beyond your beauty.

I know why many men have stopped and wept
Halfway between the loves they leave and seek
And wondered if travel leads them anywhere –
Horizons keep the soft line of your cheek,
The windy sky’s a locket for your hair.

Leonard Cohen

Donuts and Self-Doubt

I’ve had some fairly odd dreams in my day, but a recent one has been deeply memorable for the strangest of reasons. But before we dive into the dream itself, there’s some backstory that will need to be covered.

I don’t have very strong feelings about donuts. They’re alright, but on those rare occasions when I have some, I’ll inevitably come to regret doing so pretty quickly. Despite all this, I do have a favourite type of donut, but as I said before, they’re not something I ever find myself thinking about unless they’re free and sitting right in front of me.

Now back to the dough of the issue. Throughout this particular dream I found myself not only eating donuts, but enjoying them more than any other food I’ve ever had, and by a considerable margin at that. The passionate intensity of my feelings towards donuts was truly staggering. I couldn’t stop thinking how amazing donuts were in general, but also how this particular type of donut was infinitely better than all other kinds of donuts.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this little tale is at best mildly amusing, but certainly not worth the memory to which its been written, and you’d be right if that was the end of it (indeed you might still be right regardless). But that’s not the end of it, because the particular type of donut that in my dream might as well have been baked and glazed ambrosia, is not actually the type of donut I like in reality, far from it.

Now I’ve long since realized that “dream Jeff” is on the whole full of shit and not to be taken too seriously. However I find myself unable to shake the creeping feeling that I’m engaging in some self-deception regarding my preference in doughnuts This would be bizarre to say the least. In fact I’d say its bizarre to even be dwelling on the possibility, given its complete irrelevance and triviality, yet here I am.

So yeah, I’ve had donuts on the brain recently.

A Lesson in Humility

The funniest thing happened while I was out for a run this morning. About midway through Bowness Park I ran past this little kid who was running around on the grass. Now normally this wouldn’t be in any way noteworthy, but soon after I passed him he started running behind me on the path. So there I was having a little chuckle about this fella following me, but his footsteps keep getting closer and closer, and then suddenly blows past me! He pulls ahead maybe 15m or so, and then dials it back to comfortably maintain his lead. This continued for a few minutes, after which he peeled off to return to his parents (presumably), who I then discovered had been watching the entire time and were laughing their asses off.

Nothing like getting showed up by a 7 year old to start off the day.